The about section is always hard to fill. Not because I don’t like to talk about myself. I just dislike the weight that every word gains when one talks about their own identity. I dislike defining words.

Let’s try this way. My name is Matteo Scopel. I was born in Italy, in a foggy town nearby Padova. I’ve spent most of my young and adult life escaping said town. I’ve lived in Perugia, Italy, in Leuven, Belgium, in Krakow, Poland and now I’m back again in Italy, this time in Turin.

I’ve studied philosophy. Yes, I could go on and speak about this and that author who has touched me very much and about that philosophical niche I’ve dug for myself. I’ll do that somewhere else. What matters, since we are talking about me, is that philosophy appears to me in most moments as a sudden terrible lucidity that casts a joyfully vacuous light over the events that I am watching. It is a painful reminder and the most burdensome yet desirable companion.

I’ve created this website because I want a place where I can share what I write and my photos. I’ve always liked taking pictures. My grandparents gave me a Polaroid camera when I was a kid. Later in my life, I’ve always managed to keep photography going. In the past few years, I’ve developed a new interest for cities. In particular, I’ve realized that cities are endangered beasts and that there’s a forgotten beauty in the lines the compose a lived, unpolished, unlooked suburb. I’ve also come to hate the uniform lines that make our gentrified city centers and I’ve realized that I want to preserve, collect and represent the side of the city that does not often find a photographic space. Its lines are beautiful, its dwellers are sincere and its history is ignored. This has been the focus of my pictures in the past year.