I am a material artist. My skills revolve around the accurate, methodical and original study and recreation of materials from a reference, be it an object in real life, a picture, a painting or even a history book! I love studying and understanding what I create, as I find it fundamental to reproduce it. I also have a solid understanding of 3d fundamentals, which allows me to always try to find the most apt creative solution to any material.

My tools of trade are Substance Designer and Substance Painter. I also have a solid understanding of 3d fundamental: PBR workflow, mesh creation, unwrapping and rendering. I work with Blender and I am familiar with Unreal Engine. However, I am very flexible and available to quickly learn any tool that might be required for the job.

Aside from 3d, I am very familiar with Photoshop and Illustrator and I am an advanced user of Lightroom.
Finally, my personal background mixes a technical art, like 3D, with humanities, specifically philosophy. I always try to look at the picture holistically, always imagining its origin, its meaning, its use.

You can find me on Artstation, Instagram, Twitter.

For any information or commission, write to me.